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NetworkSpinal (NS) offers a unique approach to chiropractic care with an evidence-based path to wellness and body awareness. Traditionally chiropractic care is often sought when someone is experiencing pain. Pain is a signal that something is going on in the body that requires attention, and it is often the body’s last attempt to alert us that something needs to change. Chronic back pain is one indication that our nervous system is out of balance. Other causes of pain can be linked to trauma, environmental or personal stressors and even negative thoughts which can cause us to become disconnected and unable to regulate our nervous system.

The purpose of NetworkSpinal (NS) is to allow the fullest expression of health, and the optimization of your well-being through the use of very light touches along the spine. This allows the body to reconnect to the nervous system and release underlying tension and dysfunction. With very specific contacts, the practitioner is able to empower the individual to shift from defense physiology (fight or flight) to greater ease and peace in their body. During care, practice members achieve greater mind-body awareness and develop new strategies to release stored tension and stress. People who receive regular NetworkSpinal care may often experience improvements in their pain as well as a greater quality of life. Dr. George has been certified by Dr. Donald Epstein in his highest level teaching program (Master-E).

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network spinal analysis los angeles west hollywood beverly hills
“That which is like unto itself, is drawn”
Abraham Hicks

It’s All About Energy

Coaching, Seminars and Podcast

There is a powerful universal law that helps to shape our reality. It is the Law of Attraction. This law is the reason for everything that comes into your life experience. Like the law of gravity, it is not something you can see or smell or touch, however it guides our lives through our thoughts and feelings.

Having an awareness and knowing of how the Law of Attraction works is the key to living our life on purpose. We are all unconsciously doing this every day, but what would happen if you started to intentionally use the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction brings into your reality that which you focus on. If you are focused on negativity, you will attract more negativity into your world. If you are focused on uplifting thoughts and feelings, you will begin to attract more of the same. We live in a vibrational universe and the Law of Attraction responds to the vibrations we give off, be it negative or positive.

Have you noticed how those with the greatest abundance in their lives tend to talk about abundance? Have you also noticed that those struggling with money or illness tend to talk a lot about their lack of money or their pain/disease?

You cannot become sick enough to help the sick, you cannot become poor enough to help the poor, and you cannot become disconnected enough from source to help those that are disconnected. Even during challenging times, we can always choose a “better feeling thought”, which in turn draws more of those better feelings and thoughts toward us. As Abraham says, “Joy is the Key!”

Through his life coaching, seminars and podcast, Dr. George helps you identify what it is you truly want, and teaches you how to manifest this. His insightful and unique approach allows for a deeply personal connection, where he can assist you in uncovering what has been blocking you, and help you recognize and utilize your ability to change your own life.

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What is the Law of Attraction?